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I am a behaviour and education consultant with over 35 years experience working in education. I specialise in making an impact through my service called Behaviour Reasoning. For schools, I offer affordable, individualised INSET on behaviour including behaviour management, ASC/Attachment/ADHD and self-regulation.

I have trained Headteachers for the NAHT on being Ofsted ready and on the new inspection framework. I offer school training and improvement services to assist school evaluation and planning. I have served as Headteacher, Deputy and Assistant Head with very successful Ofsted results. I presently work advising Headteachers and as a School Improvement Provider. I am a Trustee at St Paul's Steiner School, Governor at The Willows Primary School in Timperley and sit on Foster Care panels in Birmingham.


Be it private or mainstream, EYFS, primary or secondary schools, behaviour difficulties impact, as recognised in the new Ofsted frameworks behaviour component. I provide outcome evidence and reports on interventions. I can complete individual assessments on behaviour with summary conclusions, recommendations and intervention plans.


I am based in Altrincham, near Manchester. Presently I support a case-load of local children and families.

I work with individuals and small groups in schools on behaviour, anxiety and self-regulation and provide in-school training and guidance. 

Much of my local work is supporting parents to cope and assist with their childrens' behaviour and improve quality of life for all. Whether work is individual, small group, family, class or whole school, benefits can be quantifiable and change lives. I work regularly in Wellgreen and Altrincham Prep School and in the last 12months have worked with Pownall, Hale Prep, Brabyns, Withington Girls' School and schools as far flung as Brighton and Bournemouth. I support local parents of children with Down Syndrome and all ages and individual differences are part of my work.


References for any of the above can be provided.

No job is too small, I particularly welcome individual work with class teachers, children and their parents.

I am accessible and personable. 

I am a qualified Headteacher (NPQH), have a masters degree specialising in emotional and behavioural difficulties (M.Ed) and am a qualified teacher (B.Ed(Hons)). I have an enhanced and mobile DBS and deliver safeguarding training in schools.



Simon Birch.

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