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"Simon is an expert within his field and helped my son Liam through some incredibly challenging years. A particularly kind individual who won't hesitate to go that extra mile to support parents and help children manage and overcome their behavioural difficulties. To this day Liam still practices the strategies taught by Simon to deal with difficult situations and avoid his emotions from escalating. As I single parent, the support I received from Simon through those difficult times was second to none."

Jo Gilby 

"Simon has worked with my son for several years now and in this time we’ve watched his anxiety decrease and his confidence grow. Simon is reliable, trustworthy and extremely good at conversing with children and young adults. I highly recommend his services to any struggling parents looking for any additional support and parenting strategies".

Michelle Taube

"Mr S Birch has been providing and helping my daughter with regular weekly behavioural sessions to help her self regulate her emotions and teach how to self-control.

Mr Birch was very prompt when we first contacted him, and accommodated us at a very short notice. He was very thorough in obtaining detailed history from us and school, his sessions has made a massive improvement in my daughter's behaviour which was also noticed at school. I highly recommend Mr Birch. Thank you very much for helping our daughter".

Marwa - Altrincham

"We worked with Simon Birch for some time at our school and he had a great impact upon our Year 6 pupils. He delivered a series of behaviour support sessions with the class and also liaised with parents to help improve relationships. Simon had a positive impact on the children and his experience and insight are invaluable. We would highly recommend his services".

Nick Tucker


Forest Park Prep School

"More children are coming with barriers that are affecting their ability to learn. This is where experts, such as Simon Birch, are invaluable to schools to work with families to identify and overcome some of these barriers that are manifested through a pupil's behaviour. Simon has successfully helped many of our families, working in collaboration with the school, to enable our pupils to overcome these barriers, through his behaviour reasoning approach. Simon can help our pupils to regulate and improve their behaviour management and without his interventions we would have to seriously consider if we are the right. environment for some of these children".


Andrew Whittaker - Headteacher (previous Head at

Altrincham Prep School)

“We came to you in the summer of 2022 as we felt that our youngest son, Oscar, was struggling in school. We both felt that he was dyslexic, having suffer with it myself, it was easy to see the traits. We were not sure if there was anything else going,  on like ADHD, but we felt as parents this was out of our expertise. We did not feel that the school that he attends were taking our concerns seriously and we had by this point been raising them for a couple of years. Our main concern was that he wasn’t happy in school, as he felt overwhelmed in the busy classroom and was struggling to make friends. He often wouldn’t understand games or would get overwhelmed with noisy children…”


"...Simon performed a comprehensive assessment of Oscar, which involved a home visit to initially meet us and second visit to fully assess Oscar and then an assessment in school. Following his report of his outcomes, the school took our concerns seriously and have carried out of their own assessments and put measures in place to help Oscar in school to help with his academic work and with his understanding of the world and socialising. Oscar has just finished year 2 and got excellent SATS results, which I feel strongly is down to Simons intervention, but most importantly Oscar has said he has had his best year yet in school. He has made friends and he no longer feels over whelmed. We cannot thank you enough".


Teresa and Mike Barrett

"Over the last 5 years, I have seen the impact that Simon has had on many children and their families. With his vast knowledge and experience in behaviour support, he works with children providing strategies and help, which ultimately transforms their lives. If you have a child who needs support with their behaviour, I would always recommend speaking to Simon!"

Vicky Hayton – Senco at Pownall Hall School

“Simon’s knowledge and expertise in understanding children’s behaviour, alongside his depth of experience in working in a broad range of environments, have been instrumental not only in terms of supporting our child but also in terms of helping us, as parents, to adapt our parenting approach and the home environment in order to better support our child to deal with the behavioural challenges he’s faced. Simon has provided the calmness, understanding and expertise that we all needed in order to make practical changes that have made a tangible difference to our child’s behaviour and our family life. We would highly recommend Simon’s services.”


Hale Parents

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